Respiratory care, under pressure.

  ReddyPort is an NIV elbow — currently seeking FDA clearance — that enables oral access during NPPV by providing clinicians with a directional valve – allowing access to the oral cavity while maintaining positive pressure ventilation.

Uses for ReddyPort

Oral Care

Administer dental care – such as brushing, cleaning and rinsing – with ease.

CO2 Capnometry

Monitor patient's respiratory vital signs for time-wise record of CO2 levels

Voice amplification

Restore quality of life by connecting patients with their loved ones.

Intubation Guidance

Reduce fatal risks when switching to more invasive means of ventilation.

"ReddyPort looks like a great system, I can't wait to try it!"

Jami, R.N. , Intermountain Healthcare

"I think the oral care adapter is great, and very practical"

Anonymous CCT., Intermountain Healthcare

"Oral care would get done and patient would get ventillation."

Lori C. R.T. , Intermountain Healthcare

"Seems easy to use and effective."

Kaley, Nurse Educator, Intermountain Healthcare

1Data and testimonials derived from a clinical survey performed in conjunction with Intermountain Healthcare

Meet Our Team

Andrew Hansen, J.D.

CEO, Founder

Rian Wendling, M.S. M.B.A.

Director of Business Development

Chak Reddy, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer

Joseph Orr, Ph.D.

Respiratory Care researcher, Advisor

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