Oral Access
Under Pressure

The ReddyPort Elbow is a permanent replacement elbow that provides oral access and connects with the adapter piece of the ReddyPort NIV products.

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ReddyPort NIV Products

ReddyPort Oral Care Kit

This kit provides daily cleaning for NIV patients while maintaining positive pressure in the mask. The kit includes standard oral care components (suction brush, swabs, etc) configured to work with the ReddyPort Elbow.

CO2 Capnometry

Take accurate CO2 measurements using the ReddyPort Capnometry Adapter while maintaining positive pressure in the mask. The ReddyPort Capnometry Adapter is compatible with Smiths and Covidien capnometers.

ReddyPort Patient Microphone Kit

This kit allows patients to communicate with clinicians and family while maintaining positive pressure in an NIV mask. The kit includes a removable microphone compatible with the ReddyPort Elbow and a battery operated speaker that attaches bedside and provides noise cancellation.

ReddyPort Endoscopy Adapter

This adapter allows clinicians to perform endoscopy procecures on NIV patients while maintaining continuous positive pressure. This adapter is compatible with scopes from 3-18mm.

"ReddyPort looks like a great system, I can't wait to try it!"

Jami, R.N. , Intermountain Healthcare

"I think the oral care adapter is great, and very practical"

Anonymous CCT., Intermountain Healthcare

"Oral care would get done and patient would get ventilation."

Lori C. R.T. , Intermountain Healthcare

"Seems easy to use and effective."

Kaley, Nurse Educator, Intermountain Healthcare

1Data and testimonials derived from a clinical survey performed in conjunction with Intermountain Healthcare

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Respiratory care researcher, advisor

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